Jeff NK Yeo

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QTH: Singapore, N 1 deg 23 mins E 103 deg 51 mins, GMT+8


I was born when Singapore was still a British Colony.

My formative years were spent mainly in Malaysia and I attended Penang Free School, the oldest English school in South East Asia.

I did my Sixth Form in National Junior College, Singapore (1971-1972). This was followed by National Service (1972-1975) in the Singapore Armed Forces.

My interest in radio and electronics was started by my dad who was a volunteer radar tech in Tengah Air Base under the MAAF (Malayan Auxiliary Air Force).

My formal training was in EE, and I did post graduate research in optical fibers.

The first microprocessor I programmed was an Intel 8080, and the first computer I owned was a 6502 based Ohio Superboard.

During troubleshooting, the equipment I turn to are: Analog Multimeter, Analog scope and Digital scope, in that order. When trying to grasp something technical, I tend to place "picture thinking" ahead of "maths thinking", because I believe my mind is better at pictures than with numbers. For me, circuit synthesis is easier using "picture thinking". I use the numbers mainly for tweaking the performance and gaining insight after synthesis.

My XYL is my hiking partner and we will try to continue hiking as long as our health permits, mainly for the love of nature. We hope that the pictures of our hikes and travels will find some resonance in your heart too.

There is a small ham radio community here in Singapore and they come from all walks of life, bonded by a shared hobby.

Hope you enjoy your visit here, and please come again.